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Daily Maintenance of Ionizing Blower

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The design of the ionizing blower itself determines that it does not need much maintenance. The only suggestion is that regular maintenance includes transmitter cleaning, ion balance check, and ion output check. The following is about the daily maintenance of the ionizing blower.

Here is the content list:

  • Ion transmitter cleaning

  • Air filter cleaning

  • Ion output (static elimination time) check

  • Ion balance adjustment

  • Daily inspection

Ion transmitter cleaning

The ion emitter will often accumulate dust and dirt, and the dirty electrode will reduce the ion output. Every time the ionizing blowerruns for some time, the ion emitter must be cleaned. How to clean the ion emitter? Just turn the cleaning brush knob in the center of the protective window on the air outlet clockwise to the stop position (about one turn) and loosen it, and the cleaning brush with spring will return it to the original parking position. The recommended cleaning frequency is once a week.

Air filter screen cleaning

Turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord, release the filter holder of the ionizing blower, and remove the air filter from the rear of the device. Rinse the filter with clean water and squeeze it gently.

If the dirt is stubborn, wash the filter with mild soap and water, and then rinse. Absorb and dry the filter with a paper towel. Install the filter at the air inlet and fix it by clamping the filter holder in place. Note: If an air filter is used, please clean it regularly.

Ion output (static elimination time) check

  • Use the ionizing blowertester of the charged plate monitor to test, measure and check the static elimination time and the ion balance.

  • The ion balance and static elimination time can be measured according to the table in the specification (the test data will be affected by the change in environmental conditions).

  • If there is no professional ionizing blower analyzer with a charged plate, you can use a hand-held electrostatic field tester to check the ion output by using the following procedure:

  • Take a piece of plastic and wipe it with a cloth until the static charge can be read with an electrostatic field tester.

  • Turn on the ionizing blower and set the fan speed to high.

  • Place the plastic at a distance of 30cm from the center ionized air outlet for 5 seconds.

  • Use the ionized gas flow to remove the static charge on the plastic and measure it. The plastic should be neutralized.

If no instrument is available, the following methods can be used to verify the ion output procedure:

  • Pull off the brand transparent adhesive tape about 300mm long.

  • Use the other hand to approach the non-stick surface of the tape, and pay attention to the electrostatic attraction of the tape to your hand.

  • Pass the adhesive tape through the ionic air stream at a distance of about 30cm from the ionizing blower, and then use the other hand to approach the non-adhesive surface of the adhesive tape again. If the charge has been neutralized, it will no longer be attractive.

Ion balance adjustment

If the ion balance deviation is too large or there is no ion, please contact the manufacturer to repair the ionizing blower.

Daily inspection

1. Ensure that the equipment does not emit abnormal smells, smoke, or noise during operation.

2. In case of smell, smoke, or noise, please stop using it immediately, turn off the power switch, and unplug the power cord from the socket.

3. Contact the manufacturer to repair the ionizing blower.

The above is about how to maintain the ionizing blower. If you want to know more, please visit the website of Dongguan Kapper Electronics CO., LTD:

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