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Electronics industry anti-static solution

Eliminate electricity equipment solve the electrostatic hazards in the optoelectronic industry, the electronics industry, and the semiconductor industry, why are the electronics industry treat electrostatic as a killer? Why do they regard electrostatic protection as a big project? It is because of the hazard caused by electrostatic in industrial production.

Medical industry anti-static solution

Static electricity is generated by contact, separation, friction, induction, etc. between objects. Static electricity is very harmful to medical electronic equipment, and it is directly related to whether it can guarantee the safe operation in the medical process. Medical equipment is a high-tech product that integrates light, machinery and electricity. It is directly used to test various parameters and states of the human body. Therefore, the electrostatic protection of medical equipment is particularly important.

Plastic industry anti-static solution

There is a specific process in the generation of electrostatic hazards, which is helpful for a systematic understanding of the hazards of electrostatic discharge ignition. In the working environment, all fire and explosion events caused by static electricity follow the same procedure, as follows: first charge separation occurs, then charge accumulation, if the charge cannot be dissipated, electrostatic discharge will occur, and may ignite surrounding easily flammable substances, resulting in a fire and explosion hazard event.

Printing industry anti-static solutions

Printing is carried out on the surface of the object, and the electrostatic phenomenon is mainly manifested on the surface of the object. The relationship between the two is naturally very close. The effect of static electricity on printing has a dual nature, which has a side that harms the normal printing process and a side that can be used. The printing process involves frequent bumps, frictions, and contact-separation processes, resulting in nearly everything involved in the printing process being electrostatically charged.

Semi-conductor industry anti-static solutions

In the production workshop of semiconductor devices, the yield of ultra-large-scale integrated circuits (VLSIs) will be greatly reduced due to the adsorption of dust on the chips. The operators in the production workshop wear clean work clothes. If the human body has static electricity, it is easy to absorb dust and dirt.

Spray&coating industry anti-static solution

Although the electrostatic effect was the earliest experimental evidence in electricity, static electricity is still regarded as an "unnamed fire" in industrial processes. Normally,the industry is quite unfamiliar with the electrostatic hazard prevention technology, and many misunderstandings or misuse of the prevention methods often occur without knowing it, resulting in failure to prevent the occurrence of electrostatic hazard accidents.

Textile intustry anti-static solution

As you know,electrostatic discharge will not cause long-term harm to the human body, but it is a miserable thing to suffer tens of thousands of volts of electric shocks many times a day in a textile factory,cause physical discomfort from shock colliding with machines, walls, or other objects,it is a typical and direct injury from electrostatic discharge.

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