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  • How is static electricity created?

    Static charge is created whenever two surfaces contact and separate, and at least one of the surfaces has a high resistance to electrical current (and is therefore an electrical insulator. The effects of static electricity are familiar to most people because people can feel, hear, and even see the spark as the excess charge is neutralized when brought close to a large electrical conductor (for example, a path to ground), or a region with an excess charge of the opposite polarity (positive or negative).  
  • Where of our shipping port?

  • What can you provide after service?

    Professional technical team and after-sale service team always beside you if you have any questions.
  • Does your company accept OEM?

    Yes, we accept OEM orders if we have quantities order.
  • What about your warranty?

    Our warranty is 1 year; The machine parts can be replaced for free within 1 year if quality defect (Excluding man-made damage).
  • Is this machine easy to use and if we have no experience to use it, can we operate it well?

    Yes, our machine is intended to designed easier operation for you. We can provide machine videos or pictures to you; it can help us how to operate it well.
  • How long is your delivery time?

    Generally, it is 1-3 day if the goods are in stock. And it is about 3 to 7 days if the goods are not in stock, it depends on your quantity requirement.
  • Are you trading company or manufacturer?

    Yes, we are factory, all machine is made by ourselves and we can provide customize service according to your requirement. We have production line, R&D department, QC department, sales and after-sales service department and so on.
  • Why are the ionizing blower commonly used in industrial static removal?

    Nowadays, the influence of static electricity on industrial production and manufacturing has become more and more serious. Therefore, anti-static and anti-static removal are very important for industrial production. A little carelessness will have serious consequences. Because of this, a variety of static elimination solutions have emerged. Among them, the electrostatic ionizing blower is favored by enterprises due to its outstanding electrostatic effect, and stands out among many static elimination solutions.
  • What is an ionizing blower?

    Ionizing blower is a kind of equipment for removing static electricity, which is mainly used in industrial manufacturing, such as electronics industry, printing industry, paper industry, semiconductor production, precision instrument production, etc.

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