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Does the ion blower affect the clean room?

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Both electronics factories and biopharmaceutical plants require a dust-free, anti-static environment to operate. The ion fan plays a very important role in it. It is necessary to use a clean room of more than 100,000 grades, and the effect of dust removal and electrostatic removal is also obvious. Therefore, the ion fan is one of the necessary equipment for the clean room.

The ion blower is a corona method that uses high voltage corona. The end of the discharge needle ionizes the air into positive and negative ions, which are then blown towards the surface of the object by the built-in fan. These charged ions can automatically neutralize the electrostatic charge of the receptor, thereby achieving the purpose of eliminating static electricity. At the same time, it can blow away the dust and tiny particles that are electrostatically adsorbed on the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of dust removal.

In the early stages of building cleanrooms, large air showers are required to filter static and dust from people and surfaces. The principle of the device is somewhat similar to an ion blower, which can be seen as a simple ion blower; then the static electricity entering the workbench and studio is eliminated. Since static electricity and dust are different, they are generated anytime and anywhere, and dust can only enter from the outside, so static electricity is always eliminated, and the ion fan is almost locked on the workbench to maintain uninterrupted work; the high-efficiency ion fan can remove static electricity in a few seconds, through Fan blowing immediately reduces the charge to below 10 volts. Ion blowers are widely used not only in clean rooms, but also in aerospace materials, semiconductor components, packaging and printing, plastics and other industries. Of course, choosing high-quality suppliers and products is very important. The ion fan in the clean room will also be a necessary place for all companies in the static removal industry in the future.

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