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Introduction of Network Monitoring Ionizing Bar

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The network monitoring ionizing bar is a device used to monitor the activity of the ionosphere. It can transmit data in real-time by connecting to a computer or server on the Internet. This equipment is usually composed of an antenna and a receiver. It can receive radio signals from the ionosphere, convert them into digital signals, and then transmit them to a computer or server for processing and analysis. So, what are the advantages of network monitoring ionizing bars? And where is its application in the textile industry? We will answer them for you next with these two questions.

Here is the content list:

  • Advantages of network monitoring ionizing bar

  • Application of network monitoring ionizing bar in the textile industry

Advantages of network monitoring ionizing bar

Here are the advantages of network monitoring ionizing bar:

The network monitoring ionizing bar can accurately digitally measure the ionization parameters, and effectively connect it to the network according to the internal RF data acquisition, analysis, and subsequent necessary correction so that users can remotely monitor the entire ionization condition. It responds to the changes in indoor and outdoor ionization conditions in real time through some existing Internet of Things platforms and sensor nodes;

The collected information such as indoor and outdoor ionized runoff intensity, particle concentration, and gaseous substance concentration such as SO2, NOX, and CO2 can be uploaded to the service station by TCP/IP protocol of the single chip computer; Local administrative departments can also use this as a large database to help determine the current pollution situation in the suburbs.

Therefore, the network monitoring ionizing bar has advantages that are different from sensor products - very accurate and diverse data collection and can balance and correct some of the illegal criteria.

Application of network monitoring ionizing bar in the textile industry

Network monitoring ionizing bar plays an important role in the textile industry. It can monitor and control:

1. Feeding condition: properly adjust the fluidity, density, and energy of fabric raw materials;

2. Needle lapping performance: according to the strain, the work needs to be sized to prevent the formation of open edges and the generation of flying leather;

3. Analysis of flat car performance and improvement of production efficiency: timely deal with the causes of fabric board twisting, lower edge feeling, and production quality problems;

4. The performance monitoring analysis and rapid correction of the core components of the preparation method for the digital convenience machine/interlining/tape machine. It is well known that the physical properties that need to be treated from the forming of bulk raw slurry to its use have risk factors that are difficult to adjust. With real-time monitoring, we can ensure that the products produced in this process will be very different at any time.

Kapper is a professional manufacturer of anti-static products. Our product category covers all anti-static equipment, and the production quantity is relatively large. The product quality is trustworthy. Our ionizing bar is mainly used to remove static electricity. It has excellent anti-static performance and prevents electrostatic pollution and damage. It is the ideal equipment for personal electrostatic protection areas such as electronic production lines and maintenance desks. If you are interested in network monitoring ionizing bars, please contact us at

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