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Why does the ionizing blower use tungsten needles?

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Tungsten needle is a product of transition metal tungsten, which has become one of the most popular discharge needles in modern times due to its excellent physical and chemical properties.

The discharge needle is one of the most important parts in the ion blower. In addition to being polluted after working for a long time, it will affect the static electricity removal effect and ion balance of the ion fan, and its quality will also directly affect the static electricity removal performance of the fan. At present, the widely used discharge needles are stainless steel needles and tungsten products. Compared with tungsten discharge needles, stainless steel needles have the advantage of lower price, but their wear resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance are far less than tungsten discharge needles.

The working environment of the discharge needle is relatively harsh. Under normal circumstances, it needs to be applied with a voltage of 4kV or higher (2-3kV high-frequency AC mode), so the tip part of the discharge needle needs to bear a very large energy load, which means that the product is easily damaged, the main reason for the short life.

In view of the above problems, Kapper ionizing blower use inorganic metal tungsten as the discharge needle.Tungsten is a refractory metal with a melting point between 3390°C and 3430°C, and the needle not only have good high temperature resistance, wear resistance and chemical stability, but also has the advantages of electrical conductivity, higher strength, greater hardness, non-radioactive and more friendly to the ecological environment.

Therefore, compared with stainless steel needles, tungsten needles are more suitable as discharge needles. In addition to ensuring a longer service life, they can also make the related fans have better static electricity removal, thereby effectively improving work efficiency. It is worth mentioning that the materials for making the discharge needle include metal germanium, nickel, titanium, single crystal silicon and other materials.

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