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Screen Display Internet Monitor Ionizing Air Blower KP101C-7T

Certification:RoHS, CE,GS,ISO9001
Type:Ionizing air blower
Transport Package:Carton Box
Specification: 186(L)*100(W)*240(H)mm
Customization:Available | Customized Request
  • KP101C-7T



Control panel LED digital display Wind speed gear
Automatic cleaning button It can be automatically cleaned every 8 hours (time can be customized for large quantity)
Fault alarm Wind sound/red indicator flash
ouch button speed control Remote control/touch control  
Wind speed gear Remote control/touch control  
Power start Remote control/touch control
Lock screen widget Remote control
Power Power intelligent frequency conversion AC 220V /
DC control system
Intelligent control system/fan DC12V
The socket is connected to the back /
 Appearance Fan angle control screw hole is reserved on the side /
Material Cold rolled plate
Surface Electrostatic spray paint
Front plastic windshield    It can be disassembled freely.
Rear plastic windshield Filter network is optional
Casing grounded No electricity leakage
Include the size of bracket 186mm(L)*100mm(W)*240mm(H)
Not include the size of bracket 146mm(L)*88mm(W)*222mm(H)
Static electricity facilities Automatic cleaning of discharge needle /
Discharge needle material Tungsten alloy, non-detachable
Power consumption time ≤2S(300mm from the product)
Ion balance ≤|±10V|(300mm from the product)
Connection mode Frequency conversion AC 5 .0KV
The effective control diameter for static electricity elimination is 300mm 300mm from the product
Cleaning brush Antistatic material, no abrasion or picking
Blower Fan air volume ≤5.1m3/min 300mm from the product
Power      8W
Working distance       100-600mm
Working temperature      0-50ºC
Working humidity 56%-65%
Air velocity 45-110CFM
Noise 45-55dB
Net weight About 2.5kg
Gross weight About 3.1kg
Other One year of warranty


Testing condition
Humidity:≤60%       Testing voltage:1KV-100V     Temperature:22ºC
Distance 300mm 600mm
Decay time Positive 0.5s 0.8s
Negative 0.5s 0.7s
Offset voltage Positive +6V +8V
Negative -8V -7V

* The test result by ME268A comprehensive electrostatic tester shall prevail.
* Test according to IEC - 61340-5-1 A 6.
* Test data may change with the surrounding temperature and humidity.

KP101A-7T Generation 6 intelligent desktop ion fan is an intelligent anti-static device newly developed and produced by Kapper to eliminate static electricity on the surface of an object.
KP101A-7T Generation 6 intelligent desktop ion fan is provided with wind power by a small fan, and the wind power can be adjusted in the touch button or remote control.
KP101A-7T Generation 6 intelligent desktop ion fan is used in precision electronics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, plastics, optoelectronics and other industries.

1.Intelligent and modern, exquisite appearance, exquisite production and novel design.
2.The firing needle brush automatic cleaning function, deeper maintenance (cleaning time / cleaning interval / positive and negative cleaning direction / boot cleaning can be set by yourself).
3.Remote control and touch dual control power to start, adjust the wind power.
4.The remote control lock screen locks the wind speed and parameter settings, and the ion fan in the workshop achieves standardization of static elimination.
5.With fan abnormal alarm, high-pressure abnormal alarm and ion balance threshold exceeding alarm function, the wind machine self-checking protection stops working.
6.Lora and Zigbee can be interchanged and networked to achieve network monitoring functions (local address, gateway address, and communication channel can all be set by themselves).
7. Digital display of ion balance.
8.The screen contrast is adjustable.
9.The infrared sensor function can be added according to the needs.
10.Fast static elimination speed, low balance voltage and high safety performance.
11.Energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption.



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