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High Accuracy Antistatic Surface Resistance Tester

  • KP0030-7T


KP0030-7T surface resistance tester is a surface resistivity measurement device developed and produced by Kapper.

KP0030-7T surface resistance tester follows the ASTM standard D-257 test method. It only needs to be placed on the surface of the object to be measured and press the red button. Ten 103Ω-1012Ω or insulation on the instrument will light up one of the test values. During the test, the two parallel electrodes at the bottom of the tester can quickly test the surface conductivity, surface static electricity dissipation performance and surface insulation of the object. (Note: This instrument cannot measure objects whose surface resistance exceeds 10¹²Ω.)
KP0030-7T surface resistance tester is widely used in microelectronics, medicine, aerospace, precision machinery and other industries.

The Antistatic Surface Resistance Tester is an essential tool for industries that require accurate assessment of antistatic properties. With its precise measurement capabilities, versatile testing modes, user-friendly interface, and data logging features, this tester enables effective evaluation of antistatic measures and helps maintain a static-free environment. Invest in this advanced solution to enhance electrostatic protection, ensure compliance with ESD safety standards, and safeguard sensitive electronic components and equipment.

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Testing rabge


Working temperature


Working humididy    



1,Small size and portable design.
2,High measurement accuracy and simple operation.

Key Features:

  1. Accurate Surface Resistance Measurement: The Antistatic Surface Resistance Tester provides precise and reliable measurements of the surface resistance of various materials. It utilizes advanced technology to assess the electrical conductivity or resistivity of surfaces, allowing users to evaluate the effectiveness of antistatic treatments and coatings.

  2. Antistatic Testing Capability: This tester is specifically designed to assess the antistatic properties of materials and surfaces. It enables the measurement of surface resistance in the lower range, typically in units of ohms, to accurately determine the level of antistatic protection provided.

  3. Versatile Testing Modes: The Antistatic Surface Resistance Tester offers multiple testing modes to accommodate different measurement requirements. It includes point-to-point resistance, surface resistance, and volume resistance modes, allowing users to select the most appropriate mode for their specific testing needs.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: The tester features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls and a clear display. It provides easy navigation through various settings and measurement modes, ensuring a seamless testing experience for operators of all skill levels.

  5. Data Logging and Analysis: This device is equipped with data logging capabilities, allowing users to record and store measurement results for further analysis. The stored data can be used to track historical trends, evaluate the effectiveness of antistatic measures, and identify areas for improvement in static control protocols.

  6. Compliance with Standards: The Antistatic Surface Resistance Tester complies with relevant industry standards and regulations, ensuring accuracy and reliability in surface resistance measurements. It provides users with confidence in the test results and assists facilities in meeting ESD safety standards and requirements.

  7. Portable and Compact Design: The tester is designed to be portable and compact, allowing for easy transportation and on-site testing in various locations. Its lightweight construction makes it convenient for field technicians or quality control personnel to perform tests wherever they are needed.

  8. Robust Construction: Built to withstand the demands of industrial environments, the tester features a durable and rugged construction. It is designed to endure frequent use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.


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