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Kapper Human Body Static Elimination Ball KP0038-7T

Certification:RoHS, CE
Type:Surface Resistance Tester
Usage:SMT Production Line, Printing Workshop, Computer Room, Electronic Component Maintenance Room, Combustible & Explosive Area
Customization:Available | Customized Request
  • KP0038-7T


Basic Info.

Model NO.


Transport Package

Carton Box





HS Code


Production Capacity


Product Description

SECTION 1:DESCRIPTION***********************************************************
KP0038 Human Body Static Elimination Ball is a device for human body static discharge developed and produced by Kapper Company.
KP0038 human body static elimination ball is a simple and effective static discharge tool. It uses the static electricity on the human body to make the circuit work. It touches the subconductor touch ball through the human body to safely and quickly conduct the static electricity on the human body to reach the static discharge area. The walking staff does not carry static electricity or has a very small effect of static electricity. To ensure that the product is not damaged by static electricity. Ensure a higher product yield. Escorting you to improve product quality and reduce safety production accidents. Built-in 3.7V battery, easy to install, no feeling when eliminating static electricity.
KP0038 human body static elimination ball is widely used in electronics, semiconductors, chips, aerospace, LED displays, LCD liquid crystals, PCB circuit boards, SMT patches, precision instruments, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, computer rooms, telecommunications rooms, printing, screen printing, packaging, spraying, plastics , Optics, dust-free workshops, as well as inflammable and explosive places such as chemical industry, metallurgy, military industry, oil field, fireworks and firecrackers, and anti-static areas sensitive to static electricity.

SECTION 2:FEATURES***************************************************************
1,Touch sensor, no mechanical moving parts.
2,Explosion-proof touch ball, safe discharge of static electricity, no electric shock caused by human contact.
3,Ultra-low power consumption design does not require frequent charging during normal use.
4,The sound and light alarm prompts that the human body is in contact with the explosion-proof touch ball reliably and the electrostatic discharge is completed.
5,The grounding wire is tested independently, and the grounding resistance meets the standard to ensure reliable grounding.

SECTION 3:SPECIFICATIONS***********************************************************

Electrostatic pole height


Electrostatic ball diameter


Pole diameter


Operation current


Ground resistance


Ground wire


SECTION 4: INSTRUCTIONS*************************************************************
This device can be placed in static-sensitive anti-static areas, flammable and explosive dangerous places, and at the entrance of dust-free workshops. Fix the base with screws, and ground the ground wire in the middle of the sphere (in order to ensure the discharge effect, it must be grounded). Before entering the electrostatic protection area, the staff walked to the door and placed their hands on the sphere for 0.2 seconds before entering the electrostatic protection area. This can protect your valuable equipment and products from electrostatic hazards, reduce product defect rates, and save money.

SECTION 5:APPLICATION************************************************************


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