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High Quality Static Generating Bar

  • KP5000-7T


Input voltage

220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

Output voltage


Working temperature  


Working humidity


The length of the bar

200mm(customized length)






KP5000 static electricity generating bar is a static electricity generating device developed and produced by Kapper.

KP5000 static electricity generating bar is to charge one material and adsorb it to the surface of another material. It is used for positioning, fixing, adsorption and other functions. Consists of an electrostatic emitter (bar) and a DC high voltage power supply. The DC high-voltage power supply provides negative (or positive) high voltage to the electrostatic emitter (bar), so that the electrostatic emitter (bar) emits negative (or positive) electricity and then charges the object (workpiece) (artificial charging). The higher the voltage, the greater the effective range.

KP5000 static electricity generating bar is widely used in film sticking, film processing, printing, flocking, scientific research and other industries.

Static generating bars are widely used in industries where static electricity control is essential, such as printing, packaging, plastics, textiles, and electronics manufacturing. They provide a reliable and controlled source of static charge for static elimination, electrostatic adhesion, and testing purposes. By utilizing a static generating bar, industries can effectively manage and control static electricity to improve productivity, minimize defects, and enhance workplace safety.


* Small size, easy installation and stable operation.

* Work smoothly with excellent performance.

Key Features:

  1. Static Electricity Generation: The static generating bar employs advanced technology to generate a controlled amount of static electricity. It typically utilizes high-voltage DC power to create electrostatic charges on its surface.

  2. Adjustable Output: The static generating bar allows users to adjust the output of static electricity according to their specific requirements. This feature ensures flexibility and precision in generating the desired static charge for different applications.

  3. Efficient Static Elimination: The generated static charge can be used to neutralize or eliminate static electricity from surfaces or objects. By bringing the static generating bar in close proximity to charged materials, it helps neutralize the charges, preventing electrostatic discharge-related issues and hazards.

  4. Electrostatic Adhesion: The static generating bar can also be used for electrostatic adhesion, where the generated static charge is utilized to attract and hold materials together. This feature is particularly useful in applications such as printing, packaging, and material handling.

  5. Testing and Analysis: The static generating bar can serve as a valuable tool for testing and analysis of electrostatic properties. It allows users to assess the performance of materials, coatings, or surfaces in terms of their ability to generate or dissipate static electricity.

  6. Compact and Easy to Install: The static generating bar is typically compact in size and easy to install in various industrial settings. It can be mounted on production lines, conveyors, or other equipment, enabling seamless integration into existing workflows.

  7. Safety Measures: Static generating bars are designed with safety features to minimize the risks associated with high-voltage static electricity. They often include grounding provisions, protective enclosures, and other safeguards to ensure safe operation and protect operators.

  8. Compatibility and Customization: Static generating bars can be designed to be compatible with different materials and surfaces. They can be customized to meet specific application requirements, such as length, voltage output, and mounting options.


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